Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Girl's Room

My daughter's have been taking ballet lessons
since they were just three years old.

They both love going to ballet each week,
dressing up for their ballet dance recitals each June
and each Friday night the girls dance for the Lord
when we have our family worship time.
So, to think of a 'room theme' wasn't hard at all.

We painted the walls a pretty bright green and
put bright, hot pink accents throughout the room.
In the center of the largest wall
I designed the following:

The canvas you see at the top
I designed and painted.

I painted the cross in the center with the colors to match the room.
(I bought this wooden cross from the Dollar Tree store).

I then placed their ballet recital pictures 
around the canvas and added a new photo each year.

I'm not a photographer =( 
I couldn't seem to get the right picture.

Next, I searched and searched for Ballet Curtains
I found nothing I liked.
So, once again I decided to make my own.
(No, I didn't actually 'make' the curtains-
I just decorated the ones I bought).

I bought a sheer curtain and looked for ballet iron-ons.
 I found just what I wanted at Jo-Ann's.
I used their 40% coupon week after week
until I had gathered about seven of these beautiful 
ballerina iron-ons.
I also found a flower ribbon that had the 
green and hot pink colors that matched!

I laid the sheer curtain out on my bed
 and began to hot-glue them all onto the curtain.
(I was unsure about putting a hot iron to a sheer curtain).

Isn't this iron-on just so pretty?
The ballet dress iron-on
 happens to have the green and the pink colors
on it that are in the room!

I wish I was a better photographer so you can 
really appreciate how well all the colors match.
But what is more important to me, whether
the colors match in real life or in pictures
is that my children walk into their room 
and think on Jesus.
That they remember Who they are dancing for and
Who it was that gave them their gift, talent and love for dance.

I love their room and I believe they do too.

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