Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bible Study with My Children

I have been doing some form of Bible Study with my children since I began homeschooling my first child eight years ago. It has been the first thing we do together every morning because I believe if  my children learn nothing else of what I teach them I want them remember that the Lord comes first in our lives and His Word is to be cherished at the start of each new day.

Some of the Bible studies we have done together I have created and have written, some have been purchased and some have been Bible Studies on DVD.  Alongside the study we did at home we also went to a Bible Study group each week. Although I have not attended the outside study group for the past two years, this year, we came back!

Here we are on the very first day of Bible Study.
My eldest son was sick and wasn't able to make the first day with us =(

My two year old is in the Blue Sheep class! 
(She wore her backpack to school!)

My three year old is in the Yellow Sheep.
He was so proud- yellow is his favorite color.

The Bible Study group we go to is  called CBS, (Community Bible Study). I truly love this program because they have even the smallest children involved in an age appropriate Bible lesson. They sing songs, provide craft time, gym time, snack and many other activities planned while the mothers are in their study. It's clearly not just a nursery. It also allows for any age child- they have classes for children all the way up to high school.

If you are not involved in an adult Bible Study I want to really encourage you to do it. There is something about getting together with others, opening up the Word of God together and learning from each other. I will also say that being a part of a study brings accountability-(gulp!) This study requires homework to be completed before the next class and I have found that without it, it is quite easy to forget or to not make room in my day to read the Bible. I find too that being a part of this particular Bible study encourages me that my children are learning the same study as I am- we study the Word together. And lastly, being a part of this group has shown me that the Lord does speak to me through His Word. I have heard His words so clearly as I have studied and read the Bible and it has always been so exciting to share it with the other ladies in my group. The whole experience for us has been wonderful and I cannot wait to delve into Book of Revelation this year!

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