Thursday, September 13, 2012

The First Day of School

I was a teacher for many years,
all primary grades,
and with that comes decorating the windows,
doors, bulletin boards-you name it.

Well, I've still got some of that in me...
Here's a picture of the bay window in my kitchen.

Every year I decorate the windows with pencils and apples.
When September is over I take the pencils down
and tape them onto a new page in my children's scrapbooks.
(These pencils now act as kind of a page marker
of a new school year in their scrapbooks).

On the first day of school,
while the children are showering and putting on their "first day of school outfits,"
 I prepare a most delicious breakfast!
I prepare scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, and fruit.
We sit together, pray not only for our breakfast,
but for a blessing on our new school year.

After breakfast, well, it's picture time! 

My youngest is now in Pre-K 3!

Among her supplies
is her trusty binky...

and her blankie!

My second youngest is in Kindergarten!

He is quite proud of his lunch bag =)

And for the boy who LOVES animals-correction- JUNGLE animals...
He wants to be Zoo Keeper when he grows up!

My sweet twins are now in the fourth Grade!

(You cannot imagine how much this blessed me!)

And what a great doctor he will make!

Here is my now 6th grader!

 And lastly, my oldest child! 
He is in eighth grade!

When we finish taking pictures
the children run inside and open their backpacks
to see their new books, new supplies, and little gifts I have hidden away in their bags!

Make the first day of school fun and exciting!
We love it and look forward to it each August!
Hope you have a very blessed school year!

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