Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Honeybee Baby Shower

I love my sister-in-law April and
I had the honor of hosting her baby shower.
Honestly, I just couldn't wait!

As soon as she was pregnant, April and her hubby Jesse, 
started calling their little baby
They did not know what the Lord was giving them-
boy or girl,
so, the name "Honeybee" was given for either.

Choosing the theme for the baby shower was easy:

Here's the cake: 

I searched different "cake" sites and combined two
different cake ideas to make this one.
(I placed a 'pink' and a 'blue'  honeybee on the cake
to represent April and Jesse
a yellow honeybee on the beehive to represent the new baby). 

I actually found honeybee cookie cutters 
BEE HIVE cookie cutters! 
They were a must for the party.
(I found them at the local craft store Ben Franklin).

I found baby bottle and rattle cookie cutters there too!

Then for decorating the house-
I used wrapping paper as the banner paper,
drew, copied and colored in the bees,
typed up and cut out the words and
 attached it all to the banner.
It read:
"Welcome Honeybee!
You're just as cute as can bee..."

The presentation:

Decorations were everywhere!
(I know many of you are so much more talented than I am,
but this was the best that I could do and it was a gift from my heart).

How can you not CELEBRATE the arrival 
of a gift from God Himself.

Here she is, my precious sissy.

There just is nothing like family!
I love this girl!

Yes, it took time, thought and planning.
I started planning and searching for ideas
about a month before the event-
that way there was not as much pressure and stress.

Planning is key.

Baking the cookies days before and freezing them-
even baking the cake parts and freezing them
is helpful so that the day before all you have to do
is ice the cookies and frost the cake.

Decorations for the house I planned and prepared
during the day, but colored, cut out and arranged
at night when the children were sleeping.
I cannot stress enough that: Planning is key!

I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to bless them.
They have blessed my husband and I and all our children
for so many years- this party was an overflow
of the love I hold for them and their little Honeybee.

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