Monday, September 3, 2012

Kid's Bathroom

Well, I've update the 'theme' in the kid's bathroom
from duckies to

The kids picked out the underwater theme-
Target had everything they liked-
from the curtain, towels, and rugs.
(The bathroom didn't need a new paint job 
so I helped them pick something that would match the blue walls!).

Okay, that was easy,
the craft part was taking the shelf I had and making it match.

I painted it white and then wanted to add the
characters from shower curtain
 to the shelf to bring it all together.

So, I painted the fish from the bathroom rug onto it.

I am NOT an artist-
but my children think I am! 
They were so excited watching me paint their
favorite characters onto the shelf.

Here's how I did it.
First, I took pictures of the specific animals 
they wanted me to paint.

I think this octopus is soooo cute!
(I painted him without the eye-patch).

How cute is this clam?!

Then I lightly drew the characters onto the shelf
and began to paint them in.

These are the paint I used.
(and there's my couffee cup not too far away!)

Here's my daughter painting on a canvas
while I painted the shelf. 

So, here it is!
Nothing great. Nothing original. Nothing really creative.
But my kids are so proud and they love it-
it makes it worth it =)

On the sides I painted six fish- one for each of my children-
the little ones chose which fish represented them!


  1. SO cute!!! And you are SO an artist, you can't fool me. :)

  2. LOL! YOU of all people should know I'm not an artist- if anything, I'm a 'copy' artist, but I try. Thanks girl =D