Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Twin Birthday

I have one set of twins-
a little girl and a little boy.
Twin life has not always been easy,
but it has definitely humbled me.
I have not met many people with twins and
I believe God has blessed me
with this precious and unique gift of twins.

So, my twinnies, as I call them,
have turned eight and with every child's birthday,
as a mom, my heart is to allow for this one day
of the year to be really special for them.
Doing that for twins has always been challenging,
but this year I think I got it!

I set up my sons underwater theme decorations in the kitchen area...

and allowed for the dining room to be filled with 
my daughters ballet theme.

I am not an artist, as you will clearly see.
 I copied the octopus and the turtle (my son's favorite animal)
from the table cloth and hung them up.
 (I used water color paints to color in the drawing of the animals.
I find painting large drawings like these
 goes much faster than working with markers or colored pencils).

The 'Happy Birthday' signs are so easy to make and 
I think add such a nice splash to the room.

To make the birthday signs: 
I simply fold a piece of construction paper in half 
and create the triangle shape within it's borders.
Then I use a dinner size drinking glass to trace the large circle
and a breakfast size glass to trace the smaller circle.
(The lettering I typed and printed out).

I found these little octopus lollipops 
on pinterest and had to make them too!

It truly was A-LOT of work for me to pull it all together,
especially because I did a family party one day 
and a children's party another day,
but the result is always the same, worth it-
because they felt loved.

I made both cakes-
a fish bowl filled with gold fish and gummy underwater animals
and I used my 'princess' cake pan for the ballerina cake.

Here they are singing, "Happy Birthday to YOU" to each other! 

The Scriptures says in Psalm 139:13-14 
"For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well."

Every year I sit with them and retell the story of  how Daddy and I believed
God told us we were to have twins and 
how their oldest brother prayed for twins even before I was pregnant.
 I remind them how the doctor missed seeing two babies on the sonogram,
and how we had to ask him to look again and make sure there were not two babies.
When the doctor looked again he found my twins were there
and shouted down the hallway to all the nurses,
"This couple prayed for twins and

God formed these precious, little, ones 
and I rejoice in all that He has given me!
Happy Birthday Twinnies!

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  1. You did a beautiful job and your children are SO blessed to have you for a mommy. Love you!