Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Baby's Room

Decorating each child's room has taken
time, thought and mostly prayer.

Our fifth child is a little boy we named Daniel.
I had thought of stenciling and painting pictures
directly onto the wall, as I had done in the past,
but realized that we may have more children and would need
to change the room to add more, so I came up with painting
his life verse and pictures onto canvas' and hang them on the wall.

Here is what hangs above Daniel's bed:

Here is the Scripture verse we chose for Daniel:

Here is the prophet Daniel praying at his window.

Here is the angel that protected Daniel from the lions.

And the lion, with his mouth closed, that kept Daniel company.

Now when our sixth baby came along we knew
 she would need to share a room with Daniel.
So, after getting her name and life verse
I proceeded to design canvas' for her in the exact style of
Daniel's so it would match the room.

Her name is Joyelle
and this is Scripture we chose for her.

and this...

"Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy..."

"they will sing before the Lord for He comes."

I had wanted bunnies for her room and after coming 
across this Scripture I made a forest theme-
of course there are eight bunnies in this canvas!

My husband prayed and prayed
about what her middle name should be
and found Liberty would suit her and her time.
The Scripture that spoke strongly to him for her was:

The wonderful thing about putting everything on canvas
is that you can move it around,
and you don't have to paint over it.

I have been so convicted that our children need to be 
surrounded by Scriptures in every area of their lives.
This has been one way for me to do that. 

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