Monday, October 22, 2012

Where's Jesus?

My eight year old son and I were in his room on the floor looking at and organizing alllll his Playmobil toys. As we came across a figure we separated them and put them into either the knights, pirates, Indians, cowboys or civil war piles. It was fun talking and looking at all the toys. As we were sitting there my three year old boy walked in and plopped himself down. He started looking at the array of little men. I watched him studying them all. He didn't say a word for a few minutes, but finally asked,

"Where's Jesus?"

I said, "Honey, we don't have a Playmobil Jesus character."
He asked, "Will you buy me a Jesus man for Christmas?"
I said, "Well, I don't think they make a Jesus figure."
He said, "Oh" with a very sad voice.
I then said, "How about we look through all these guys and find one that you think looks most like Jesus and play with him?"
"OKAY!" he shouted.

So, I,  (you gotta know me), showed him a pirate, a mean looking Viking, and all sorts of furrow-browed guys just see what he would say.

To all of them he said, "Mommy, that's not Jesus-Jesus is nice."

Finally, he found one that made him happy.

He played with "Jesus" for the longest time. He found Playmobil fish, bread, pineapples, and other food. He set up a table, plates, and cups. I listened to him playing. Jesus was feeding all the people. Jesus was telling everyone, "Come, I have food for you."

I was so touched as I secretly watched him play. He took such care at setting up the table with all the food. He gently called to the the Playmobil characters to come for food. It was amazing to me to see him reenact the story of the "Loaves and Fish."

At the end of my day there were two things that have stayed with me from watching my little three year old's play time with 'Jesus.' I was reminded that when I don't see Jesus in a situation I should ask, "Where's Jesus?" I shouldn't assume He's not there-He is! Look for Him until you find Him. My son couldn't see Jesus, but he looked for Him until he did. I need to find Jesus in everything I do. Jesus is with us and among us and wants us to know Him. The second thing I learned and am carrying in my heart is that Jesus cares for us. Jesus meets our needs. He says, "Come, I have food for you."  He says, "I know your needs before you ask and am prepared to meet them. Do not be discouraged, I have not abandoned you-I am here." Jesus is so gentle, just like the way my son was playing. (I wish I recorded it). As my son played Jesus, Jesus was sweet and kind and caring. It was a good reminder to me. Life and people can be so harsh, but it is good to know that God is not.

Amazing isn't it? The love and understanding a little child has of Jesus. I really needed that-Thank you Jesus for relieving yourself through my son. I love you too!

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