Friday, October 12, 2012

Defrosting the Meat!

Okay, so I've gotten more organized in planning my family's meals and facing the fear of trying new recipes, BUT the next problem has been on the day I go to cook meal the meat is frozen solid! I shop once a month and in doing this all the meat, be it beef, chicken, fish, etc. has to be put in a deep freezer to last the month. It's been frustrating mostly on the days when I have to leave the house by 9am with the kids and have forgotten to take the meat out to defrost!

So, I've come up with another new plan! (I just had to-right? When something isn't working you have to figure out some way to press on and fix the problem). Well, on Sunday nights I look at my planned menu for the week, go to the deep freezer and pull all the meat out that I will need for the week and stick it all in the refrigerator. Now, when I go to cook my dinner the meat has naturally defrosted and I'm not pulling my hair out trying to defrost a completely, frozen, whole chicken!

I've been doing this for about a month now and truly it has brought even more peace to my cooking. It may sound silly, but everything is there waiting for me to simply cook- the struggle is gone.

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