Friday, October 12, 2012

More Help in Planning a Month Worth of Recipes

I'm excited to share a new idea I've had! A while ago, I signed up with to receive new recipes via my e-mail. Well, I started getting more recipes than I knew what to do with.So, I decided rather than feel overwhelmed I would: 1) Go through them periodically and delete the ones that I knew I would never do, and 2) I made a special folder entitled "all" in my e-mail account.

Now, whenever I get a new recipe that I might try I store it up in this special folder. It makes cleaning up my e-mails go faster and helps me know that the recipes are there if I need them.

Now I have six pages of e-mailed recipes stored up! I'm excited because I have decided that this next month will be recipes from I have started going through the recipes and looking at their ingredients more closely, (If they call for something too hot or spicy or simply something that we will not like I delete the recipe).

Another thing I really like about this idea is that when I decide I want to use a particular recipe I print it out and store it in my very own recipe binder. (I am putting all my family's favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes in a binder). Some of you may have been doing this for years, but not me. I am finally feeling organized with cooking and providing good and healthy meals for my family.

Hope this helps!

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