Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Boy's Room

When I was pregnant with each child I prayed for a theme 
for their room. I would pray for a 'life scripture' or verse for each.
Once we believed we had the Scripture for that child 
I painted it on the wall.
From the Scripture I proceeded to paint the room theme.

For example:
My first child was a little boy.
I had gotten a vision of little sheep frolicking
in a field and Jesus among them.
I immediately was reminded of Psalm 23:
The Lord is my Shepherd...
and thus painted it on the wall.
(That's me, very pregnant, with my first child).

Next I made my own sheep stencils.
Some sheep were sleeping, running, even dancing.
Finally, I painted the sheep all around the room as a border
with Jesus in the middle right under the Scripture.

 That's hubby painting the details.

The photos you are looking at are pictures 
I took twelve years ago with a 35mm camera!
(Basically, I took pictures of the pictures).
Sorry they are not so great.

But there is Jesus in the field with a lamb across His shoulders
and other sheep following Him.

Sheep in the field...

A lambie dancing...

and sheep sleeping.

Here is my little baby boy all grown up!
We took this picture of him standing on his bed next to his Scripture.

As my boy was getting older, 
and his younger brother was going to be moved into his room,  
I had to think of ways to incorporate what they love, ie sports and Jesus.

I began to pray again for a theme. 
My boys love soccer so I started praying for a way to 
join soccer and Scriptures together.

One day this 
 Catholic catalog,( Catholic Supply of St. Louis),
came in the mail and I found pictures of Jesus
playing sports with children.
That was my answer!

I bought these portraits and they are hanging on
the wall in the boys room.

These were the only two they had in the catalog!
I love them and I believe my boys do too.

Clearly, this room theme was not as labor intensive as
was the "Lord is My Shepherd" theme,
but just as important to me that my children see
Jesus among them in all they do.
I also hope it will remind them of how God gets the
glory for the victory in their lives!

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