Friday, October 12, 2012

Through the ROOF!

When you hear the saying, "Through the roof," what comes to mind? Your father yelling? Your mom saying, "When you're dad hears this he is going to go through the roof !" Sadly, it does for me. But after reading the Bible with my two little ones that phrase holds a new meaning in my life, a Biblical one.

"Through the roof" used to remind me of impatience or even a bit of anger. I think too of the show, 'The Honeymooners," of how Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) would yell at  his wife Alice Kramden (Audrey Meadows) when he was just so frustrated -"POW -ZOOM!" he would yell at her-"Straight to the moon with you Alice!" The imagine is a bit rough isn't it?

Well, the other night I was reading to my two youngest at bedtime. We usually end the night reading a story from their children's Bible. I opened up to the Gospels and as I was flipping the pages to find a story that would fit the day I came across the title that read, "Through the Roof!" As my eyes scanned the title I had all these, not so good, thoughts of a father or mother yelling at their children and truly scratched my head to figure out what story is in here that I haven't heard before. At this point I was more curious over the title now than I was in finding a good story for the little ones.

As I read the story aloud I quickly realized that it was the story of the three men who brought their very ill friend to Jesus for healing. They did this by lowering him down through the roof to where Jesus was. Picture this: There's this guy who is really sick, I think he was lame, and has no way of getting himself to Jesus. His three friends make a stretcher for him, they research where Jesus was preaching that day, and they carry their friend to Jesus. Upon arriving at the house where Jesus was these guys can't get in! The house was packed. These friends don't give up. They carry their sick friend onto the roof, work at cutting a whole in this strangers roof, get some ropes and proceed to lower their friend right through the roof in front of Jesus!

Well, I'm impressed. If you should ever wonder what makes a good friend I think you'll find the definition hidden in this story. These friends sacrificed their time and their energy for their friend. They were brave-I don't think I would have been brazen enough to go up on some one's roof and carve out a hole, but I hope I would. They weren't afraid of what people would say about them or even do to them for making the hole in the roof. They were also determined and full of faith for their friend's healing. The Bible says it was because of their faith that their friend was healed.  Now that's something! The sick person may not have believed at all. That sick guy might not have had any faith, but the friends had enough for him and he was healed.

So whenever you are having feelings that send you "through the roof," and as you are thinking of sailing up and out, remember that the faith came down and Jesus brought healing. I love the contrast- as we send our frustration up to God, up through the roof, He will hear us and send down the healing, right through the very hole in the roof you have made in sending it to Him! Remember too, to lean on the friends God has placed in your life, they just may have more faith for your healing than you have for yourself!

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