Thursday, August 3, 2017

Joy School!

I just realized that I have not advertised my little Preschool,
(I call Joy School),
on the blog before-so here goes!

Nine years ago when my first born was entering preschool
 I began looking for a curriculum for him.
Nothing I found had what I wanted.
What was I looking for?
I desired a Bible based curriculum that taught my little guy
his A,B,C's and his 1,2,3,'s.
I found nothing that pleased me.

A few days later I began writing my own curriculum.
"God, Me & My A,B,C's"
(Which has since been published!
and on the shelves of Moore Expression's in Virginia Beach!)

Well, my friends found out about it and asked me to teach their children too!
Thus began Joy School.

Sadly,  my early years of teaching Joy School was not digital, but
here are my twins- graduates of the Joy School class 2008!

 Here is the class of 2012
(the cute little boy in the middle is my fifth child).

And here we are in 2013...
(My little boy graduated again! He was just three when
he went through Joy School the first time.
And the little girl in the middle with the huge smile is my two year old!
She was so happy with herself for 'graduating' with the big kids!) 

All six of my children have graduated from Joy School
along with many of their adorable and wonderful children!

So, here I am again, in 2017 with a new class!
If you are interested in joining Joy School please contact me at:
or share with a friend!

If you are interested in the preschool curriculum I wrote:
God, Me & My A,B,C's
God, Me & My 1,2,3,'s
check them out on my Joy School blog to purchase it:
Joy School

I have been blessed to be able to stay at home with all of my children,
teach other children,
and help my family financially.
I love what I do and I love serving the Lord.

Blessings of JOY!