Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"On the Bus"

I recently shared a hardship that my family and I are going through with a precious friend. Her reply was simply, "Good thing that now you are "on the bus" that God isn't going to take His eyes off you." Her words brought immediate tears to my eyes.

This friend knows my testimony so well that she quotes it back to me!
"on the bus." 
Many years ago I had been abandoned by my biological family.
To be more accurate, I had been tied up, beaten for hours, thrown into the trunk of my sister's car and discarded by my three sisters and mother. 
When able to buy a ticket, I did, and headed south on a Greyhound bus.

I sat behind the bus driver.
I had the window seat.
Swollen. Exhausted. Confused. 
The trip was long.
Massachusetts to Florida.

One day, many weeks later, sitting on my bed and praying, I cried out to God,
"I know you were with me when my family abused me because I didn't die."
"I know you were with me when I landed in Florida because I found a home."
"But God where were you when I was on the bus?"

With my eyes closed I had a vision.
I was in heaven.
I was sitting with Jesus, like a child sitting on her daddy's lap.
I was not facing Him. We sat together looking out at the landscape.
I saw clouds...
The clouds blew away.
Far away I saw a highway with little cars busily driving.
The road was brought nearer.
I saw a Greyhound bus traveling on the highway.
Then I heard the Lord say,
"This is where I was when you were on the bus.
Here. And I never took my eyes off of you."
Then the scene seemed to have zoomed in closer and I saw myself, sitting behind the bus driver at the window seat. 

I never told God that I was on the Greyhound bus. 
I never talked to Him about my long ride from the north to the south.
I never told Him that I sat behind the driver at the window seat.
But my vision told me that He knew.
He knew because He never took His eyes off of me. 

How does He do it? I don't know, but I know He does. 
He loves us and He says in His Word that He will never leave us or forsake us and He means it.
No matter what we are going through He knows and He will bring healing.
Remember, He never takes His eyes off us, even if you are lost somewhere on the bus.