Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Little House in the Prairie:Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 the Ingals family finally made it to Kansas!
Pa immediately began chopping trees down
 to build the new log cabin.

My children have loved playing with Playmobil
over the years,and am I glad!
We have the Prairie Schooner,
cowboys, Indians, and much more for us
to recreate the stories in Little House!
Here is Pa loading up the wagon with the logs he chopped down!

 Pa 'squaring' the place to build his log cabin.

Here are the children working together to build
the log cabin out of Lincoln Logs! 

We own A-LOT of Lincoln Logs! It was perfect!

My son is painting a cardboard box green to represent the Prairie.
We will store the Lincoln Log house on it. 

Littlest sister wanted her Big brother to help her!

While one group of kids were working on building a log cabin
with Lincoln Logs,
the other group wanted to make the log cabin out of
paper towel rolls!
(We've been collecting them since September!
Thanks to everyone who helped!)

We have the Little House Paper Dolls Collection.
The children wanted to build a house for them!

Here's a window in the "West" wall!

This was definitely serious, but fun work!

 Day 2:
They decided to double the size of the house
so they could really play with it!

 Little boy enjoying his time with the Lincoln Logs!

We cut out the paper dolls...

 and a little girl had so great fun!

Here I am working on the roof while the littles are sleeping.
(We made the 'loft' and attached the roof to it. This way we can
remove the roof and loft and still be able to play inside the house).

I decided to have the kids paint all the paper towel rolls of the house brown.
I think it gives it more of a 'log cabin' look!

My kids couldn't have been more excited to see the house
looking more and more like a real log cabin.

The house in two parts...roof and loft at one end of the table,
and the main part of the house at the other end.

 Here is the view from the back of the house...
 Side view of the house...
Here is the front of the house!
In chapter 5 we read that Pa and Mr. Edwards
built the house and the frame for the roof
and so that is exactly what we did too!
Can't wait to read Chapter 6 and
finish the house completely!


Little House on the Prairie:Chapter 3 & 4

So, reading page after page of the Ingals family
traveling by Prairie Schooner out of the woods
and into the prairie
has created new kind of play in my den!

 Peek-a boo!

 'Pa' is ready to go when 'Ma' is!

 We do not have 'Pet and Patty',
but a polar bear on roller-skates! Ha!
(Can I just say, I LOVE IT!)

We mapped the route that Pa and Ma took
from Wisconsin to Kansas.

We also learned and wrote about 
how important 'firebreaks' were for the Prairie.

And lastly, we talked about good old Jack.
It was so sad that he had gone missing.
The children were so concerned for him-
I can't wait for them to read that he is fine!

Little House on the Prairie: Chapter 1 and 2

We're beginning to read,
"Little House on the Prairie!"
I have gathered many, many, books
and have created a lesson plan binder
to house all my ideas and ideas I've gotten from others.

With Little House on the Prairie
we will be reading two chapters a week
because it's a much bigger book to get through.

So, here we are preparing our Lap Books!

This time we decided to use Scrap-Booking paper
to decorate the cover of our Lap Books.
I love how the individual ideas turned out!

Here is our 'Vocabulary" book.
My daughter drew the picture and I ran off copies for the other children.
 I LOVE it.

Our first project was to write or draw
about "Saying Goodbye."
The thoughts and feelings evoked from
Laura Ingals Wilder's writing was beautiful.
It was a great beginning!