Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is Resurrection Power?

My pastor has been talking on the power of the resurrection-I get it-I got it a long time ago or so I thought. 

Every time he talks on the resurrection of Jesus Christ  my pastor speaks with excitement and a tone of some new revelation on the subject. I've been asking myself, "what is he so pumped about?" I could not have been more amazed of the sacrifice of Jesus. For one who knew no imperfection. no sin. To be the blood sacrifice for the world- a depraved, sinful, godless world. To bear our sin so we could know Him. So we could be with Him for all eternity. Now that's something. but after years of knowing it, I didn't have quite the excitement my pastor was displaying now.

I spent days and days mediating the resurrection. Then He gave me an opportunity to relive the awe of the resurrection. I've written before of the intense fear I have had over the years and how God was bringing it up to reveal to me how the fear has made me captive to it.  In this journey of self awareness (If you want to call it that) I saw the resurrection. I guess I have had it in my head that the wonderment of the cross was for me when I knew not of His mercy and salvation and once receiving it- there it ended. But now I see that the resurrection is for all the things in our hearts for which we are in bondage.

The power of the resurrection is for freedom. Freedom to be saved. Freedom to be born-again. Freedom to eternal life. Freedom to be set free from the past. Freedom to be made new. Freedom to become different than what our past may have dictated. Freedom to fail and be forgiven, freedom to be happy. Freedom to have joy. Freedom to love. Freedom to trust. freedom to believe in healing and to be healed. freedom to hope. Freedom to be free.