Monday, July 7, 2014

Godly Girls Christian Summer Camp: Forever Christmas

Forever Christmas
is the theme of our camp this year.
Each day we will be focusing on a part of the Christmas story,
learning about it and applying it to our lives.

Here is my team of helpers!

The title for today was:

We read from John 1, 1 John 1 and Acts 13.
We learned that Jesus is the Light and 
He calls us to be a Light to the world.

So, their 'place cards' this year are...
'light' bulbs! 
I painted their name on each one 
and now it is an ornament and memento!

Each girl seemed quite excited to receive one!

We start our morning with our Bible Study time.
Here are the journals I made for the week.

After Bible time is Snack time.
Christmas Tree Brownies!
(We put 'lights' on a real Christmas tree).

Next was Craft Time...
My 'girls' made Pine cone Christmas trees...

and my 'gals' made a Christmas Wreath.
(We put 'lights' on wreaths too).

 In the dining room were my Godly Girls
working hard...

I had two, three year olds working hard too!

and in the kitchen were my Godly Gals.

and here I am at the end of the day. 
Still smiling! 
God is Good and He is exalted!

Day 2
Today we read about ALL the angels 
that took part in the Christmas story.
The angels said some wonderful things:
"Do not be afraid."
"Your prayers have been heard."
"I stand in the presence of God.'
and we learned that God commands His angels over us
from Psalm 91.

Our theme for today:

Our snack was ANGEL cake, of course!

And our craft today was ANGEL ornaments.
The girls were taught how to sew the angel's dress together.
They did such a great job!

The room before all 15 girls arrived!

The finished product.

My friend, Jody (who helped me out today) and I were so busy
threading needles, making knots and teaching that I didn't 
take one picture of the girls!
Day 3

Today we read about the birth of Jesus.
He is God with us.
We talked about how Jesus came to be with us
and experience all that we go through.
He knows what it is to be poor,
to be rejected as a child and even as an unborn child,
and what it is to have a step-father.
Jesus knows how we feel.
He loves us and welcomes us and 
we welcome HIM!

Our snack was a birthday cake!

After snack we headed straight into Craft time.
Today the girls made shadow box nativity ornaments.

 I gave them the material, some ideas and they got busy.

Even the little ones!

 The older 'gals' added many more ideas to their ornament. 

Another great day celebrating Jesus!

Day 4
In today's Bible lesson we studied the three wise-men.
I believe their wisdom and understanding that a King was to be
born came from the Holy Spirit. 
Yes, they were wise, but they recognized that 
Jesus, was "born King of the Jews" and worshiped Him.
They had wisdom given to them from the Holy Spirit. 
And so today our theme was...

 Here are my little ones, ready for Bible study time!

Although it is hard to see us all in this photo,
I tried to take a panoramic picture to get us all in-16 girls ready to read the Word of God!

After reading about the Three Kings who gave their treasures to Jesus,
our snack was 'Treasure Chest Cookies!'

And our Craft for the day was to make "Cookies in a Jar."
Treasure chest cookies, of course!
(As the wise men gave presents to Jesus, this craft was made to be given away).

Here are all the supplies.

And here are the girls working to create a gift for someone else.

Older girls helping younger girls.

 The finished product!

I found "wise men" fabric to cover the Treasure Chest Cookie jar 
and Star ribbon to go around it! 

Here are all 16 jars to be given away! 

And here we are! 
I am so, so, so proud of all my Godly Girls and Gals! 
They love Jesus so much. 

Tomorrow is our last day together.
Some of the girls are studying hard to memorize our verse for the week!
I can't wait to surprise those who memorize their Scripture verse 
with a present!

Day 5 

Today our lesson focused on the story of the shepherds.
The angels came to the shepherds and told them that the
Savior has been born for ALL people.
After the shepherds saw everything just as the angels had said,
they went around telling everyone the Good News!
We are called to tell others, welcome others, into the Kingdom of God!

Our crafts for the day were two different kinds of ornaments.

The 'gals' learned how to make a cross-stitched ornament.
It was difficult for some of them to learn, but they got it!

It was an amazing week!
I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to 
touch the lives of these girls with the Word of God. 
A big thank you to all the moms!
See you next summer =D