Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Reading for...ME!

Last summer I picked up a book by the author, Corrie ten Boom, thinking, "This will be the ONE book I enjoy over my vacation." As I read her convicting words said in love and compassion I couldn't put it down. I finished the book within the week and yearned for more. I searched for more books written by the same author and read and read and read. As people found out that I had made 2014- 'The summer of Corrie' more of her books were lent to me! It was amazing! I learned so much not only about Ms. ten Boom's life and love for Jesus, but more importantly about the love and grace and sovereignty of God.

So, this summer I am on a quest for the same spiritual renewal by a different author. I searched, and looked and nothing convicted my heart. Authors came and went...until one day I heard the Lord say, "What about Me?" "What about my Books?" My heart was at peace with a bit of excitement running through. What author could possibly be better than God?!

I sat back and thought about the few books in the Bible that I have never read. I knew right away that I had read through all of the New Testament several times, but the Old that was a bit harder. As I poured over many high-lighted, note scratched in pages, I came across some pristine white pages- the contrast was clear. The Minor Prophets were to be read this summer. Starting with Hosea,then Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. The twelve minor prophets are to be my reading buddies for the first few weeks of summer.

My Bible is a 'Study Bible' so as I read the Book of Hosea I read the foreword to understand the back ground of his writings and each of the notes that correspond to each verse. Already I am moved by Hosea's love for God. His obedience to God to be used as a physical example of God's love for the Jewish people has been convicting. He gave his very life to God, in every way. He surrendered everything and God used him.

All in all, the Books of the Minor Prophets are just about 115 pages total. It will not take me the whole summer to read and study each Book, The months of June and July are devoted to Bible reading.

But as for August, to any of you who own or know where I can find books by Smith Wigglesworth, I will be much indebted. The month of August will be devoted to reading as many books authored by Mr. Wigglesworth as possible!

So, there you have it! My summer reading plan. It's a time for me to be renewed by the Word of God, whether through the Bible, or one of God's most anointed Saints. I will be honest with you, the school year is hectic for me, for many reasons. I don't look at summer as just a time to sit, physically relax, and soak in the sun only. I need the summer to unplug and search through the things that went wrong over the year, to heal up my heart from the hurt that occurred, but didn't actually have the time to be still enough for God to touch and heal me. It's a time to be showered with the truth of God's Word, His love, and His forgiveness. It's a time to be rejuvenated so I can face another homeschooling year with my precious kiddies. My heart is to be an open vessel for God to work through, so I have to give Him the time to clean out this 'vessel' so I can be filled with more of Him!

Happy Summer Reading Everyone! Blessings on you all for a time to grow and know HIM better =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Art for Littles!

This is my first summer doing
"Arts for Littles" Camp! 

The art of littles ones getting the chance to paint
with tempera, on a large easel and smock
seems to be lost.

Teachers and moms have explained to me that 
"It's too messy."
Not only do I remember painting in Kindergarten, (and loving it)
but it is an important part of Pre-Schoolers development.
Painting is a must =) 
Thus, a camp for little children to learn and paint and have fun!

Day 1: Sponge painting!
I used all sorts of sponges. 
and found the "Poached Egg" plate at the dollar store!

I LOVE storing and using paint in squeeze bottles.
I store the red and yellow paint in these ketchup and mustard containers!

My "Littles" excited for the day to begin!

This week we are studying and learning the books illustrated by Eric Carle.
 I read, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?"
 We learned about Primary Colors!
The kids were fascinated!

"Red Bird, Red Bird, What Do you see?"

 "Blue Horse, Blue Horse, what do you see?"

"Yellow Duck, Yellow Duck, What do you see?"

I bought a container from the Dollar store,
 drilled four holes in the cover and VOILA! 
A safe place to clean out your paint brush!

A perfect day!

Day 2

We learned our Secondary Colors
Green Frog, Purple Cat, Orange Fish!

Then we began working on our surprise gift
to our moms and dads!
A small thank you for "Art for Littles!"

Lots of painting go on over here!
AND we LOVE it!


We learned our Tertiary colors!-
through the book,
"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the Sloth,
by Eric Carle

We had to paint all the parts of the sloth,
cut them out and 'collage' them together!

We 'combed' the paint to give it the sloth hair! -
just like Eric Carle.


Can I just say...

How great is this????
How amazing is my life?!!!!
I get to read fantastic literature to children...

teach them how to paint...

and get to see the wonder in their eyes!
I have the best job EVER!

 So, today we learned all about 'Straw' Painting!
The kids loved it!

Then they were given the options of
painting with brushes, sponges or straws for their
other masterpieces!

I could (and did) kiss each and every little face!
I'm just so proud of my littles =)


Today we read,
The Foolish Tortoise, by Eric Carle

Then I taught them how to 
They were so excited.

We 'marble' painted the shell of the Foolish Tortoise
and 'sponge' painted the body.

Then each child can choose other animals
from the book to either, sponge, marble or brush paint.

Here are my Littles!

Each child received a portfolio
filled with all their paintings from the week!

Each child also painted a wooden basket and 4 magnets
for their parents.
A little thank you to their mom and dad for sending them
to "Art for Littles" Camp!

My "Primary Colors" Horse!

"Mommy, wouldn't Eric Carle be proud of me?!"

I'm proud of them all!
They did such a great job!
I can't wait for next year =)