Monday, April 22, 2013

Blessing My Thirteen Year Old

When my son's 13th birthday was on the horizon my husband and I wanted to do something very special for him. We didn't believe he was ready for the 'Imparting the Blessing" type idea, but still wanted to create a birthday that marked this milestone in his life with something that would spur him on in his faith and walk with God. We came up with a few ideas. I truly hope this will encourage you to make your child's 13th birthday extra special too.

Every Friday as a family we have a worship and prayer time together. So, the Friday before his birthday we thought we would invite a long time friend and their family over to join us. (Their boys are also my sons best friends). We decided that it would be a birthday party and prayer time all in one.

The theme of the party (I love birthday themes!) was 'Movie Night.' Over the past year, my now thirteen year old, had gotten into making movies with his siblings and friends. So what better theme than a movie night with our friends and family? Decorating the house was so much fun.

We ate dinner together and then had a worship and prayer time. As we were praying a few of us felt like the Lord wanted to encourage our son. During the prayer time I believed the Lord was saying that the children should lay hands on my son and pray. Two of the children prayed. One prayed for him and the other had a vision from God for him. The vision was seeing my son as a warrior for Jesus Christ. He saw him wearing the full armor as a knight. The Word was, "Do not be afraid. God is always with you."

 "God has called you to be a soldier and a warrior for Him. Put on the full armor of God. He has called you to lead and not follow. He says that He will lead you and you will not be alone."

It was such an encouraging time for us as his parents and for my son. Afterwards we celebrated with birthday cake and ice cream and different kinds of popcorn while watching my sons homemade movies.
It was a very special time.

Sunday we celebrated with the family. We had a wonderful party rejoicing in his birth and celebrating with cake and presents!

And for our last celebration we decided to visit my husband's brother, his wife and young daughter for a weekend and celebrate his birthday with them. We thought about the things our son enjoys and what Scriptures we wanted to pass along to him. The following is the journey we took with our son in showing him the deep love of God and encouraging him to stand for Christ.

Our first stop was a bakery. A true Italian bakery. My son loves Italian pastries and breads.  So it was our first stop.

My husband talked to him on how Jesus is the 'bread of life.' He is the only One you should 'hunger' after. He talked to him about how Jesus is the One that will fill your needs and satisfy your soul.

He also talked with him about being a man doesn't mean that we can't be "sweet." 
We are called to be kind and loving and sweet.

My son chose a loaf of Italian bread for himself and a pound of Italian cookies to share.
It was a wonderful first stop.

Our next stop was the largest drum store in PA. Our son is a drummer so what better place to go?

Here his aunt and uncle talked to him about living a life of worship to God. 
In everything we do and say should reflect a life of love for Jesus and in that way we live in worship to God.

He got to pick out a set of drum sticks for the first time! 
(All of his previous drum sticks were hand-me-downs).

Another present he received here was his first private drum lesson! 
He was very encouraged and learned A-LOT!

Use your gifts and talents to honor God!

Our last stop was a Sports shop. Our son needed a pair of sneakers so they went and picked out a pair and then sat down and talked about 'running the race for Jesus."  My husband read to him out of Hebrews, "Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us ...let us fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith."

And of course what would a birthday be without another birthday cake!!!!

And a special cake from our one and only Aunt April...

...where he wasn't allowed to use his hands to eat it!!!

He allowed everyone to take a bite!

Lastly, I used all the pictures I used in this blog and more to create a *book for him.
 I wanted him to have something to hold on to
 and remember how very much Jesus, his family and friends love him.
A book that stored all the Scriptures and words of encouragement over him.
Something for him to help him remember this very special birthday.

*I used Shutterfly to create this book.


  1. Love, love, LOVE this!!!!!! ♥

  2. Thank you!!!
    God is soooo GOOD!!!

  3. and his auntie Sarah also was led by the Spirit of God to affirm his call as a warrior for God in prayer and a fun loving, talented soccer player. Kisses!