Saturday, February 11, 2017

Family Cupcake Wars!

Meet our contestants:
Girl-12 years old, Boy-12 years old, and Little Boy-8 years old.
They were being judged on taste and decoration.
The theme was Valentine's!

Little Boy decided to make a yellow cake, with banana extract,
topped with a buttercream frosting
and for decorations- Lego bricks and mini-figures! 
The reason he chose Legos - "Well, I LOVE Legos! 

His original idea was to make jello bricks and mini-figures,
but they were too wiggly and so he made both Legos out of chocolate.

This is a happy little boy =)

He also made chocolate hearts for the mini-figures to hold!

After much hard work, I believe he was quite pleased with his cupcakes.
(The Lego mini-figures are holding chocolate hearts!)

Boy, made a brownie, cupcake, with store-bought
icing and decorations were....

a mess! Sea creatures and Christmas mixed!
My son told me that he didn't want to see either of his
siblings loose, so he entered to loose so they wouldn't have to.
He is my sweet boy!

My Girl made a chocolate cupcake filled with homemade truffles, 
topped with peanut butter frosting.
For the decorations she melted chocolate and wrote out
'hugs,' love,' and made heart shapes.

What is a contest without trophies???!!

 Here are the three prizes:
First place trophy and a candy bag,
Second place trophy and a candy bag
third place winner received a candy bag.

Meet our judges!
Mr. B, and Mr. & Mrs. G!

Third Place winner goes to...
Boy-12 years old!!!
He's quite excited!

Now it's down to the second and first place winners...


 Judges deliberating...

 -taste testing one more time to be sure.

And the second place winner is...
Little Boy!

 Here is our First place winner!!!

Girl told me privately that she was shocked!
She really thought that Little Boy would win because
he's just so cute! 

It was a lot a fun!
I'm proud of all my contestants
for LOTS of reasons!!!

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