Sunday, January 22, 2017

Saving Money with My Kids!

I have found that there are so many different things for kids to put their money towards: Christmas presents or birthday presents for others, or to save for college or for that first car- the list can go on and on. 

Our children receive an allowance each week and have three different 'piggy banks' designated for their money 1) Tithe money for the church, 2) Savings (that we eventually deposit into their own personal bank account) and 3) Personal Spending. But what I have found over my sixteen years of being a mom, is that there are other things to save for that the children can be a part of like: Vacation, Home Improvements and Starting a Business! So, here they are our three new money jars! The kids, or anyone, can throw in change or part of their allowance to help save towards goals we have as a family. 

Here is our vacation money jar.
My husband and I save for the trip itself, but if we should want to 
go out for dinner, play putt-putt, or buy souvenirs, it always makes the 
vacation trip a bit tougher. Now, the kids can help make our vacation time less stressful and have more things to look forward to when we are away as a family.

As a home schooling family we have talked about starting our own business
 many times. BUT HOW? We need the money up front to begin.
Here is our "start up business" jar. 
The kids are excited about this and have already started donating towards it.
They know that as soon as we raise enough we can begin our business-
(it's not a lemonade stand).

Our "Home Improvements" jar.
I find that the kids will want a new shelf or organizing bins or a poster or a bulletin board to spruce up their rooms, but I don't have it in the budget to just go out and fix up their rooms. Sometimes things break =S Like right now the ceiling fan is broken in the boys room- that's a big expense, so it's not fixed yet. Here is a small way for the kids to help get things done. 

I know it probably sounds silly, but I am excited about our money
savings jars! I feel like its another opportunity to teach the kids that:
 a) money doesn't grow on trees and
 b) sometimes you just have to save and wait to get the things you need.
 I'm proud of my kids for being excited about this. I hope they learn much! 

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