Friday, January 25, 2013

My Top 12 of 2012!

With the new year of 2013 moving forward in all of it's hope to bring something new and exciting, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on 2012 and do a 'year-in-review.' I have chosen the top twelve of my favorite articles. I have so loved sharing my life with all of you, sharing my ups and downs, insights, blessings from God, and new found interests. So, without further ado, here they are:

Number 12: My Sister is Moving  Well, I will say, as much as I loved thinking about my sister, Rebekah, I wish I didn't have to think about her moving. What I love about this article is how I show how very different we are to the world and yet how truly close we are. I couldn't go wrong in writing about a best friend, and that is what she will always be.

Number 11: Rejection... it Hurts... Deep.  Can we all say that everyone has people or at least a person in their life that we kind of expect to be judged by? Some relative that is strongly opinionated and says whatever pops into their heads? Well, for me I not only have that, but this year rejection came in a different form and it hurt. It's been a very difficult year in regards to this, but taking time to write it out, talk about it, and ponder the Scriptures for truth brought so much healing to my heart. I was reminded that I am accepted by the King of Kings! I forgive those who have hurt me and have moved on. This was a great article for open honesty and healing truth.

Number 10: The Best Job of All and  Undeserving Mom. I am sorry to cheat here, but these two articles go hand in hand. I wrote, Undeserving Mom in May and a few months later wrote, The Best Job of All. I have felt completely undeserving of this call to mommyhood. It has it's up and down moments, but all in all, God has given me six amazing children to love and to raise and I see it as a complete honor.

"The Best Job of All," came after a conversation Ben and I had with the children over breakfast. My husband asked me to share with the kids all of the jobs I have ever worked. I began telling them about how I worked at Carvel, and Dominios Pizza.  I could see their eyes light up and it made think about all the things I have done, but how much more exciting mommyhood is over anything the world had to offer me. It was fun thinking and writing out my 'resume' of jobs on the blog and how being a mom truly is the best job I have ever had. If you would like to see the huge list of jobs I worked -check this out!

Number 9: He Came! This was the first article I wrote about one of my children. It was the first time I opened up and shared about their own time with Jesus. I work hard at protecting them and allowing them to feel free to say and do whatever the Lord wants them to without them feeling worried about mom blogging about it. But this story touched my heart so deeply that I couldn't hold it inside for my family and I alone. This story is so real and so true. It talks about how Jesus came to my little boy and I will say that God is so real to  him now because of it.

Number 8: Look Up! This article was inspired by an irresistibly, cute picture of my youngest daughter. I am a very visual person and when I saw this picture I saw myself as I must appear looking up to God. It is a story of surrendering to God. Read it, I think you'll love it!

Number 7: Through the ROOF!  Growing up hearing the phrase, "Through the Roof" did not evoke joy, but now it does! This is a wonderful new twist on an old saying.

Number 6: What God Forgets and What God Remembers God forgets our sin, but remembers us! Our sin does not define who we are to God. Yes, the world defines us by what we have done, but not God. The world labels us with some kind of label, if you will, that is so sticky it never comes off! It is very hard for people to forget all the terrible things you may have done at one time in your life and allow you the freedom to live a new and different life, but with God, who you might think is even more judgemental, He is not. He forgets it all when we confess our sin and ask for forgiveness.

Number 5: Child-like faith and Adult-like Faith  Okay, yes, I have cheated three times, but I love these two articles too. They are a part 1 and a part two of a long thought I had about my own faith. As an adult I want child-like faith not the faith I see in other adults. I want to love Jesus openly and freely as a little child. This was a good reminder to me to live out my faith as a child.

Number 4: A Kings Ransom I have never been kid-napped or needed a ransom to be released, but I have been, at three different times in my life, 'cut-off' from my family and had the desire of being ransomed. Looking into the Scriptures and seeing how Jesus ransomed from the enemy was liberating. Seeing how I am God's child and how very much He wants us to be His, brought peace to my heart.

Number 3: A God Encounter at Wal-Mart I will never forget this day at Wal-Mart and I don't think my children will either. It was the very first time we asked God in prayer who He wanted us to pray for as we went shopping. He showed each of us something different, we put the pieces together and found her. Our faith increased as we obeyed. Love this day!

Number 2: I'd Love to Have You Over for a Cuppa Couffee, but First You Need to Know...  I was truly surprised at how many people read this article and yet only a few of you called to come over. I happen to love this article because it's just so real about me and the kids when we have a guest over.

Number 1: I Have a Hope and a Future This marks the new year. I have a new hope and a new future. I can look back on 2012 and see all the good and sad things I have gone through and know that in this new year I have the hope that if sadness comes my way again God will see me through. I have hope that God will never stop leading me, growing me, loving me, changing me. I have hope for a good future because He is in charge.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk down memory lane. I would LOVE to hear from you on what article you liked the most or what article touched you. As we move forward into a new year it is always good to look back one more time and remember. I'm excited to see all what God has for all of me in 2013 and I look forward to sharing it all with you. May God bless you and your life this coming year.

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