Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just a Good Day

Today was simply a good day. I was home...and for me there really is no place I'd rather be-ever. I'm not a hermit by any means, but whenever I go out it seems the goal then becomes to get home. And so today I was home.

We did our routine cleaning stuff and put my little one down for her morning nap. The kids and I then met up in the kitchen to perform the science experiment that they have begged me to do. So there I was, in the kitchen with the kids making slime!  They couldn't have been happier and I couldn't have been more grossed out. They thanked me over and over again for they knew it was hard for me. (I don't like slimy things and now all six children have their own container of slime!)

After that my girls decided to clean their room as perfectly as the boys did- so off they went and I had time with my three sons and youngest daughter. The boys and my little girl were up at the table playing with their slime while different books on tape/cd were being played.  After some time I decided to clean out the kitchen cabinets. I honestly don't remember when I took on this project last, but it was a sweet time because we were all together in the same room doing what we each wanted and there was a peace.

 Next was lunch and a special movie and after that was nap time. After the girls rest time was over they wanted to finish cleaning their room and asked me if I could help them. We sat in there and went from under the bed, to the closet, dressers and then to ideas of changing the room around. We had a good, sweet and productive time together. My girls are really growing up. They were able to say goodbye to their 'treasures' of old pop sickle sticks that reminded them of their date with their daddy, or old stuffies they really don't love anymore (they were demoted to the crawl space) and generally being very clear on what they like and don't like. It was, for me, a really sweet time.

Meanwhile my hubby had left work and while he got the oil changed on the car he went food shopping for us. (Really love and appreciate my man). Then I get this precious phone call from him saying, "The kids really need a pet. Maybe I could bring home some fish for them."  (OHHHH, how  I wanted to squeeze him. The love and heart that he has for our children thrills my heart and body). I said yes, got off the phone and told the kids that daddy was bringing home a good surprise!

How they waited at the door for the next half hour. One would go upstairs and yell down, "Is daddy home yet!" Then another would say, "I'm just getting my Lego's-call me if daddy drives up." I kept looking too. Then the yelps and shrieks when one saw the little red car turn the corner and approach our home. The screen door flew open and out they all went. Hugs, kisses and greetings were given and not one word to their father about, "Where's the surprise?" or "What have you brought us?"  Just, "Can I help unload the car."  Then the moment came when he handed my three year old a bag of water with fish in it! The jumping up and down was quite a sight and something to behold.

I got a huge bowl and hubs poured out the fish into the bowl. The children peered into it marveling at their fish.  It was too precious. They love their fish and I love my hubby. 

Next was making dinner. Hubby had wanted to grill-(he told me so when he called from the store), but I knew he'd feel overwhelmed with another task, so, I surprised him by preparing the meat and veggies. (I love when we move as a team). It was all running perfectly.

After dinner was clean-up, setting the table for breakfast and then getting ready to go out. There was a woman's meeting at the church and I really wanted to go. I ran up got dressed, ready, gave kisses and hugs and left. It was a wonderful night and was blessed by all the woman who attended.

On days like this one I sit back in awe at all that the Lord has done and how very blessed I am. 
I love my husband and he loves me.
I love each one of my children and am so thankful that we chose life.
I love this house. It holds so many memories that I hope to never forget.
I love you Lord - Thank you for it all.

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