Sunday, July 15, 2012

Forever Easter-Day 5!

Today was the final day of 
"Forever Easter" Godly Girls Camp 2012.
We read about who saw Jesus and 
what Jesus did after He rose from the grave
 and appeared on the earth.
We read how Jesus walked with the men on the road to Emmaus,
His meeting with his apostles in the upper room
and talking with more than 500 people 
over a period of forty days on earth.
We also read about what
 happened after Jesus ascended into heaven.

In the book of Acts 
we read how Peter shared the Good News
and how about 3,000
people came to Christ that very day.

I shared with them how we have been charged
to go forth into all the earth 
spreading the Gospel to all people.

We all took turns praying for someone we know 
that doesn't know Jesus.

Our snack at tea time
was cupcakes and bunnies
with a sign that read,
"Nobunny loves you like Jesus."

It is always good to be reminded
that Jesus loves you.

After our snack time
I showed the girls what we were going to make today.
Bunny chocolates!

I taught them how to make chocolate
in the shape of bunnies
and then how to package them
to give away.
The packaging read,
"Nobunny loves you like Jesus"-
something they themselves had just received.

I asked them to use this craft project
as a gift, or an evangelical tool,
to give to someone who doesn't know that Jesus loves them.

First we melted the pink chocolates...

then the purple chocolate
using double boilers.

Then pouring the melted chocolate
into squeezable bottles
they got straight to work!

It was clean, sanitary,

and they all could do it!

even my twenty-three month old!!!

Once the chocolate was in the mold
they had to 'pat' it down.

Once that was done,
it was put into the freezer and...
Voila! Chocolate bunnies!!!

The groups of girls made at least three trays of chocolate each!

We've learned that
-God calls us to be His witnesses by following close to Him
-God calls us to 'wash the feet' and serve all people.
-God died for all our sin and loves us so very much.
-God rose from the dead and has given us the victory
-and God has called each one us, no matter our age,
to tell everyone, everywhere, boldly about the perfect love of Jesus!

It has been an incredible week!
I am so blessed and proud of all my girls!
See you all next year!!!

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