Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Forever Easter - Day 3

Day 3 - The Crucifixion.
We gathered together to read and talk about the saddest day in history-
the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.
As we read about Jesus' betrayers, mockers, and abusers
one girl said, "This story is scary."
I agreed, but one thing we know,
that the apostles didn't,
is that Jesus rose again!!!

It is so hard to talk about all that Jesus endured,
but to know and remember that He 
did it all willingly out of His love for us
changes the story from being sad to

Look at the joy He has brought to me!!!

So, for snack time
my kids made 'cross' cookies!!!

Our craft time today was to design and paint
and use 'rub-ons' on their ceramic cross.

Here we are-
all twelve us!

Their first task was to design on paper all that 
they wanted to paint and decorate 
their cross with.

Everyone was hard at work...

and then the painting began!

Joy wanted to paint too-
I chose crayons and paper instead!

The finished product!


  1. LOVE that you are talking about the cross and what it represents for us... and it's the middle of summer! We shouldn't let seasons and holidays dictate when we discuss important aspects of Christianity! <3