Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Forever Easter - Day 2

We began our day singing songs about the greatness of our God.
(I just had to snap a shot of them!)

Then we opened our Bibles to the book of Matthew.
We read all about the Last Supper the apostles had with Jesus.
We talked about how Jesus knew how Judas was going to betray Him
and how all the other apostles were going to leave Jesus in His final hours.
Then we read in the book of John
how Jesus washed ALL of the apostle's feet!
Our verse for the day was:
"Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet,
you also should wash one another's feet.
I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you."
(John 13:14-15)
I talked with them on how we are to be servants to all-
even our enemies.

Then it was SNACK TIME!

After snack time we went into the dining room
 where the craft for the day was waiting for us.
Today we made baskets!

                                                             They all were quite excited.
I shared with them that we are making baskets today
to remind us of how Jesus, using a basin, 
 washed the feet for His apostles.
When we look at our baskets
we are to remember
how we too need to be a servant like Jesus.

They began by placing the "post' reeds into the base.

Then they worked to weave the bottom.
(So many were proud of their first few steps of basket weaving!).


Some of the reeds were sooo long-
they always laughed when they came across one!

They all worked so hard.

With much, much, much hard work...
They each made their very own Easter basket!!!

And hopefully,
whenever they see it they will remember
that although we couldn't make a basin,
we made a basket to remember to wash the feet of all people.
To be servants to all.

My proud girls!!!

Looking forward to another wonderful
day with each of them!


  1. We are so blessed to have someone like you heading up such a far-changing experience for our girls. What you teach goes far beyond the lessons you've planned, and I am so grateful! Thanks for using this blog to keep us updated, so we can reinforce what you're teaching, as well!!!

    1. It should read "game-changing experience" lol