Thursday, July 12, 2012

Forever Easter-Day 4 -HE LIVES!!!

Today was the day that I taught on 
the empty tomb--Jesus' Resurrection!!!
Never was there such a truth told with such excitement! earthquake, soldiers falling like dead men, the stone rolled away,
an angel, an empty tomb!!!
The most glorious day in all of history!!!

We celebrated Christ's Resurrection 
in our Bible time,
in our snack time,
and in our Craft time!
Today I taught the girls how to blow out ordinary eggs,
and create decoupage.

The empty egg reminds us of the empty tomb!!!

First we took pins and poked a hole in the top
and bottom of each egg.

Then we had to blow out the eggs themselves!
(Most of them thought it was plain gross- and I couldn't blame them).

Even my boy had to try!

Everyone got busy blowing out eggs,
and decorating them. 

I believe they had alot of fun.

Even my three year old decided to 
decoupage his egg!

Here they are!
Some were able to make up to four eggs!!!
It was a new craft for them to learn 
and hopefully one that they will share with their families 
when they are grown.

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