Wednesday, March 25, 2015

100 Books Party!

Today was our 100 Books Party!
Yes, we celebrated 100 Days of School,
but this is different!
In September I handed out a Book Worm
Reading Log Sheet.
Honestly, I cannot remember where I found it, but
I changed it a bit by dividing the worm into 20 somewhat equal parts
and writing in the numbers for each segment of it's body.
As the mom, dad, or sibling reads a book to the child,
the student colors in the Book Worm.
When they have had one-hundred books
read to them, I throw a party to celebrate!
The children came in today
excited to show me there charts!

And with every party there must be crowns!

and cupcakes!!

Of course on this special book day,
we read from the most special book there is...the Bible!
They were given LOTS of stickers to decorate their crowns!

And what party would be complete without
a goody bag??!!!

I am so proud of all my students!

 I LOVE my students
and I LOVE blessing them with rewards
 for all their hard work!
They are the BEST!

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