Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter at JOY SCHOOL

Easter at Joy School...
and we were ready!
When the students arrived we sat together and
 read about the true meaning of Easter.
(I love "Arch" books!)

After teaching about or reminding the children of
Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection
we gathered at the table for our craft.
We made our own Easter wreaths!
I found the wreaths and foam stickers at A.C.Moores,
and the stickers at Oriental Trading.
The foam stickers below have hearts, crosses,
Easter Lily flowers, and signs that say, "Happy Easter"
and "He is Risen!"
The kids got busy!

After our craft time we had snack!

Then I read another Easter book.
I love Easter literature books-I have a whole collection!

When I read this page,
from the book, What is Easter? by Michelle Medlock Adams,  
I had an opportunity to ask the children if they wanted Jesus in their hearts.
It reads:
"Today, he sits right next to God in Heaven up above,
He wants to live inside you too
and fill you up with love!"
One little boy said, "My mom always prays for me."
I said, "Well, this is a prayer that only you can pray.
You can ask Jesus into your heart. Then I asked him,
Would you like to pray with me?"
He said yes.
We closed our eyes and he repeated
the salvation prayer with me!
What an Easter Blessing!

 After that amazing time of reading about
Jesus' love for us and having the opportunity to
pray with my student,
we went back to the table to stuff our Easter Baskets!
Last week we sponge painted our baskets.
The baskets are in the shape of a bunny.
I taught them how to 'stamp' the paint with the sponge
and how to stamp and turn the sponge with the paint.
They all did such a great job!

Once the bunny baskets were dry
I stapled them up, glued on eyes and a nose and

I prepared these little goody bags for the children.
(I found the idea on Pinterest).
No-bunny loves you like Jesus!
After all that excitement we settled down 
for a great game of Easter Bingo!

I LOVE my students, each and everyone!
They are such a joy to me!
Happy Easter!

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