Wednesday, April 1, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

One of my favorite holidays to celebrate is St. Patrick's Day.
No, I am not Irish, but when I read about who Saint Patrick was
I began to love the day we celebrate him.
In teaching my students about St. Patrick
I read all about him first.

This book tells the tragic childhood of St. Patrick in a way
that isn't too scary for children.
It shows how he trusted in God even when he was all alone
 and how he listened for God's voice.
It's a great story for children because St. Patrick's young life
 is something that kids can have sympathy for.
After reading about St. Patrick we made our craft-
the shamrock.

Snack time...A Shamrock for each child to remember
that there is one God, but three Persons- Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Another great day rejoicing in all that God
 can do in the life of an obedient child!

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