Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cups and Kids!

If any of you have kids
you probably deal with an array of cups all day long.
I have heard myself say,
"Whose cup is this?" one too many times.
And my dishwasher is always filled on top
way before the bottom is filled.
Something HAD to change.
I've been seeing mason jars of all colors,
shapes and sizes being turned into drinking glasses-
so, I decided to give it a whirl.
I watched many videos on how to make my own covers.
Drill, grommets, straws....yada-yada.
BUT I found a package of lids and straws at a local craft store,
used a 50% coupon and they were mine!
Four covers (with hole and grommet already done!)
 and straw-for $2.50
I bought two sets of 4 because I have eight members in my family.
Next step was to see if I could find
black chalk paint that didn't cost too much.
I did!
Be careful when grabbing your paint-
It must say: "GLASS CHALK PAINT."
The paint was less then $1.50.
I had my mason jars, washed them with alcohol
and then made my stencil.
I simply drew an oval, cut it out, tapped it to the jar
and began painting.
And here are my first four jars done!
Each child chose the color cover they wanted
wrote their name on it and it was their cup for the
I used two small pint jars for my two youngest,
and two, quart for the two older children.
I made four more in the quart size for
my other two children, hubby and me!

How cute is that???!!!

and here are the other four...




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