Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snow Day Books and Craft!

How can you have a snow day and not read?!
I have a collection of books
on snow for the cold days of winter
so we can sit back, with hot cocoa in hand,
and read!

We also MUST make a craft!
I found a bunch of different ideas on 'Pinterest,'
put them together and had the children each make
their very own!
 It reads:
"Its' 'SNOW' secret
that we love JESUS!"
 I prepared the craft for these little guys!
I made the snow globes for them.
This is my Joy School class! 
 Each child had a little cup of white paint and a
Q-Tip to paint with.
 I find, in using a Q-Tip, they were able to make
drops of 'snow' with the paint easier than
using a paint brush.

I LOVE it!
We had a great time reading books on snowy days
and then painting!

If you are interested in being a part
of Joy School,
check out my blog!
Joy School- Pre-School!

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