Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little House in the Big Woods: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Christmas

This week we read about how Pa and Ma prepared for Christmas.
Pa made a wooden shelf for Ma, but made it special by carving into the wood little pictures of birds, flowers, and stars. I did not have the proper wood for children to whittle, so we took the idea to carve SOAP and give it away as gifts.

Ma prepared LOTS of wonderful foods to eat for Christmas. One thing was Molasses Candy. The ingredients are: Molasses, brown sugar and SNOW! Well, I happen to have a SNOW cone machine- so we got busy!

Here we are making snow...

and the molasses candy...

and pouring it on the 'snow' just like Ma.

We also read about how Laura's Aunt Eliza was saved from a panther by her dog, Prince. At lunch that day we sat and watched, "Old Yeller." It was perfect.

On our last day of reading we read about the presents Laura received. She was given: A pair of red mittens,

 a peppermint stick, which I bought for the kids at our local "Cracker Barrel' restaurant and her doll.
My older children compared and contrasted our Christmas to Laura's Christmas.

The little guys had to color in a picture of Laura and her new doll and the older children wrote a report on their favorite Christmas present they have received.

Big week, lots of work and I'm hoping LOTS of learning!

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