Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Little House in the Big Woods: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Grandpa's Dance

In this chapter Laura and her family go to Grandma's house. Laura talks about how much she loves going to visit her Grandma and the reasons why. My children were given time to reflect on what they love about going to their Grandma's house and why.

                               I can't wait to let their Grandma read all of these!

Uncle George blew his bugle to announce the beginning of the party, and played it during the dance. We made our own bugles too!

 BUT the part of the story that I couldn't wait to read with them was when Pa took his fiddle and began to 'call' out the dance! I rented a Square Dancing Video from the local library and taught my children how to square dance! We were one person shy of having a complete square of eight, but how much fun we had. The children laughed and laughed! (I also rented a CD on square dancing so they could hear the calls and respond). This has been a great experience.

And lastly, Laura spoke about all the food at the party. I let my kids choose which food item named that they would like to make- they chose the, "Heart Shaped Cookies" recipe. We got straight to work. (I used the Little House Cook Book for the recipe).


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