Monday, October 27, 2014

Little House in the Woods: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Sundays

In this chapter we read how the Ingals family celebrated Sunday.
First they took their baths on Saturday night to be ready for Sunday-the day of complete rest. In the morning the girls were dressed in their finest outfits, with fresh ribbons in their hair. On Sundays the children were not allowed to run, shout or play noisily. They were allowed to look through the family Bible that was full of pictures or through Pa's book, "The Wonders of the Animal World." Sunday was not a day of work in any measure. No cooking, cleaning, or sewing. A full day of nothing. I was impressed, but my children were not. They felt that it would be too dificult to be quiet all day.

Then Pa retells a story to his girls about how Sundays were for their Grandpa. Needless to say it was twice as difficult. It was a funny story of how their Grandpa made and rode a sled with his brothers on Sunday!

With my older children we studied in Deutronomy the Ten Commandments. We knew before reading it that it would say, "Keep Holy the Sabbath day," but there was more information given. We learned that no work should be done. Neither you, or your family, or servants nor the stranger at your gate.  The children discovered that the Bible clearly says that there should be NO work done on Sunday, but it did not say, "No laughing, or smiling." We talked about how people interrupt the Bible wrongly and it is a very dangerous and sad thing to do.

After we discussed the The Ten Commandment I allowed my children to journal about what we do on Sunday as a family, and compare it to Laura's childhood. I think we had a great discussion.

Since Pa's Grandfather made a sled I thought it would be fun for my kids to make a sled too! No, I am not handy with wood or a saw. We made our sleds out of thick construction paper. (It actually found it's use-many a stuffed animal took a ride on it!).

Another great many lessons learned!

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