Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Little House in the Big Woods: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Sugar Snow

There was so much to learn in this chapter! We learned how Laura's Grandpa made Maple Syrup from the Maple trees. It was an amazing process of planning and hard work.

 But as Pa went off into the Big Woods to help Grandpa, Laura commented that her Pa was, "Strong, brave and swift." So, I had the children list things three things or more (using adjectives) about there daddy and draw a picture of him!

 "Daddy and me."

 That night at dinner they surprised my husband by reading it to him.
Next, we learned the parts of a tree. We studied how the roots take in the water and send it up to the leaves. My son said that it's like a big straw is inside the tree sucking up the water! So, we made a very big straw and tried very hard to suck up the water.

Lastly, The children were given three different sets of questions to choose from. Each one had to answer and explain different aspects of the process:

Then, they made their own bucket, drill and trough and put their questions and attached the answers to it.

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