Friday, September 26, 2014

Little House in the Big Woods: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Long RIFLE

Day 1:
In our time together in the 'Big Woods' we were to read about how Pa: 1) made bullets and 2) cleaned his rifle. Creating the vocabulary list was easy, but understanding all the words not so easy- even for me. I looked to You Tube, funny enough! I searched for videos that would show a rifle from the 1800's, describe the different parts of it, and even how to fire it. I found it!

Before reading the few pages for the morning we watched this video clip from You Tube.
Testing the Accuracy of the 1800 Pattern Infantry (Baker) Rifle.
In the book, Laura speaks of a "Patch box, Cow-horn..., ramrod, etc. There were no pictures or true explanantion of what these items were used for. Watching the video allowed us to not only see each item, but to understand their use.

This video was a great help too! Loading and firing an 1800's Baker Rifle

After we watched our videos, read about Pa's chores with his rifle, discussed it all, we went to our seats and wrote out the steps to making bullets and then we listed together how to clean a gun. (I found the below templates from HomeSchoolShare).

Then we listed together how to clean a gun.

Day 2:

Today we read about a story of Pa when he was a little boy. He was out, late in the woods at night and heard an OWL.

We discussed the story and then waiting for them back at the table were OWL PELLETS! At first they were excited, then grossed out, then excited again as they began unearthing all the bones!

 These two found a vole skeleton! 

We think we found a lizard!

Next we learned how to draw owls!
I have the set of Art Books called, "Draw Write Now." 
These little guys loved it!


Day 3:

Today we reread, "The Story of Pa and the Voice in the Woods" but this time we focused not on the owl, but on Pa's disobedience as a young boy. We opened up the Bible and read different Scriptures on what it means to obey the Lord and our parents. 

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