Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quiet Time for Mommy

Having my very own quiet time with the Lord
 has been a challenge since having children.
I've been challenged these last fourteen years! 
There have been times when I could find a quiet time,
a place of solitude and then there have been times...
well, let's just say... I've struggled.

Recently, the Lord gave me a vision of this-(picture below)
A lamb rejoicing, dancing, and full of joy before it's Shepherd.

It reads: "Quiet Please: Mommy is with the Shepherd"

So, I went ahead and painted it on a canvas,
and have hung it on my bedroom door when it's my alone time/Bible time. 
I can even hang it on my door knob!
(I hang it there when I want the shorter members of my family
 to clearly know NOT to disturb the Mama).
I now use it
 as a way to communicate to my children
that their mommy needs and wants time alone with God.

It's just a simple painting that
sweetly reminds my children to respect my time alone with
God, my Shepherd.

A sweet and dear friend saw my canvas
and wanted one for her own. 
She encouraged me to make and sell them!
Soooooo, now, I am doing just that!
If you are interested in a,
"Quiet Please, Mommy is with the Shepherd,"
canvas door hanger,
 I am selling them for $10
or $12 if personalized.
I think any young person would appreciate one too!

 Or the Shepherd holding the lamb...this or the other 
can be personalized.

There really is nothing quite like,
Solace with God.

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