Friday, March 21, 2014

New Yorker Meets Chickens: Week 3


The chicks are bigger, still living in a box with a heat lamp,
eating, drinking and appear happy.
The question I have each day is 
"Are the four chicks that we have been caring for

It's crazy to think that one of our sweet chicks (or more)
could be a rooster(s)!
It is against the law to own a rooster where we live.
So, time will tell us if we have four girls or not. 
For now we sit, enjoy, and wait...

"Look Mama! No GLOVES!!!"

They are getting bigger.
 Less fluff and more feathers this week.

They have begun to fly!
 Every once and a while we find a chick or pullet 
(I have learned some fowl words)
sitting on the edge of the box.

A friend of ours came over and enjoyed our chicks too!

No more gloves or tea towels!

They love my children.

And I love how much our children have come to love the chicks!

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