Friday, March 21, 2014

New Yorker meets Chickens!

When my husband first mentioned raising chickens I was very glad to know, that where we happen to live, raising chickens in our backyard was actually against the law! But then one fateful day my husband came home beaming from ear to ear and holding a piece of paper that stated that the law had changed! 

As he began collecting wood for the coop and drawing out plans I realized that he was not only serious, but very serious about getting us some chicks. I knew that I had to jump on board. I took the children to the library and checked out the only three books they had on raising chickens. Each day the kids and I read one chapter, took notes and filled their daddy's ears with all they were learning. (Secretly I thought it was never really going to happen...shhhh, don't tell anyone). Well, I'm glad I kept the secret to myself because I'd look like a fool now. One Thursday afternoon my honey announced, "Tomorrow's the day! We're getting our chicks!"  

Here we are on a Friday afternoon choosing our chicks!

 The kids were quite excited, I think I was still in a state of shock.

Here they children looking at their four, new baby chicks.
In researching all the different kinds of chickens we allowed
our children to choose which type they wanted to raise.

We now have: Two Ameraucanas, one Wine Dot, and one Buff Orpington.

We traveled home marveling at the adventure we have just plunged into.
(I think I was still in a state of shock, smiling, but in shock nonetheless).

Three day old chicks resting in their new little box, with water, food and heat lap.
The room was at 90 degrees!

The next day we covered the kitchen floor with newspaper,
sat in a circle, Indian style (knee to knee) and allowed the chicks
to walk around and get to know us.

They really are just too cute!

No, my children did not take to the little chicks right away. 
Two of them were actually crying because of their fear of these little things. 
They were afraid of being pecked!

Grandma had to come over and see our chicks.
 Here they are in their circle playing with our chicks. 
(If you look closely, some of my kids are wearing gloves.
 The philosophy being: if they do get pecked it won't hurt!)

My little guy was nervous about being 'pooped' on,
thus the tea towel on his lap!

Our first week was a success! The chicks didn't peck us and 
we are getting more brave in handling them!

And as for me, the shock has worn off, they are our pets, 
I love my husband and I have a little more work added to my day =)

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