Friday, March 14, 2014

Gilligan's Island: A 14th Birthday Theme!

My eldest son enjoys creating movies, so what better plan for a birthday party than to have his friends take part in a movie he wrote and directed?! Right now he thinks the show 'Gilligan's Island" is hysterical, so he wrote a movie script called: Gilligan's Island: Super Help or Super Hindrance- in other words, Gilligan meets Super Heroes! For days he worked on the script. Copies were made. Invitations sent. Costumes collected. Then the birthday party!

Behind the scene shots of the filming!

 Hubby was home early from work to film the movie!
(In the background to the right you can see our attempt at making a "hut" 
and to the left is the table the castaways ate at).

Below: Gilligan (Birthday boy) and the Professor
(I could not find a solid red, long sleeve shirt with a white collar anywhere!
If any of you know where I can purchase one, I'd love to hear from you!)

                             Here are the Skipper, Mr. Howell, Gilligan and the Professor
               (Mrs. Howell, Ginger and Marianne were on a week's vacation on the other side of the island!)

Below: The Full Cast
(Eight preteen and teen-age boys-'Superman' is hiding)

After the movie was filmed, my husband  worked on editing it and burning it to a DVD.
The kids had dinner, and birthday cake.
After all the celebrating had been done we all sat around and 
watched the very movie they created.
Each child will get their own DVD of the movie along with a thank card for all their help.

I think that no matter what the age, everyone wants to have a special birthday party. 
It comes once a year. Just one special day a year we get to lavish extra love on our children
 in what ever shape it takes. Here we made a party around a possible dream
my son has of making family fun movies.
I think he walked away from this party knowing
 we love and support him and so do his friends.

After the party my son asked me if it would be okay to write another 'Gilligan's Island' show and have his friends come back and film it. Of course I said it was fine to do in the summer. Seriously, how cool would it be for him and his friends make show after show together? I love the idea! 

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