Friday, March 28, 2014

New Yorker Meets Chickens: Week 4

Week 4 has brought more changes.
The coop is really under way.
My husband created this!
He put all the things he liked from a few different coops into one.

He wanted a coop that we could pick up and move around the yard.
(The handles on both ends allows us to pick it up and 
carry it where ever we want to put it). 

Here is the nesting box.
We are looking forward to opening that lid
one day and find our own organic eggs!

Another change we worked on this week was a new and bigger
box for their indoor living.
Each day the chicks were flying out of their box and 
hanging out on the edge of the box. 

Their new home in my house and in my bathroom.

If  you look closely not only have they grown bigger,
but they are shedding their fluff feathers and their adult feathers are growing in.
(I'm finding feathers around house!).

Fluff on her head and bottom-isn't that funny?

Every morning the children want to hold and play
 with their chickens before we start school.

I love this pic!
My little chick is putting her nose
up to the Wynedotte's beak.
How cute is that! 
She was telling the chick,
"I love you."

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