Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Roll Six Deep

A week ago I was told I roll six deep. Funny, I never saw myself rolling six deep. I never saw myself rolling one deep. Do I really qualify to roll six deep? Too late now, I'm already here.

Growing up, the youngest of seven children, in a home where everyone was running down their own and different paths, I was left to figure out by myself, which was my path- that was tough work. I was quiet and shy. I never asked questions. So to try and forge a path alone without help was a daily and arduous task for me. I was always concerned about how I was possibly going to make it through to the end of the day that I never stopped and dreamed.

I never thought about going to high school and what that would be like. College was for old people and I never thought that I would ever be old enough to go. I never dreamed of how I'd meet "Mr. Right" and for that matter how many children I would have. I hear my friends now say to each other, "So, how many kids did you dream of having when you were young?"  And they actually answer with a clear and definite opinion. "Well, I dreamt of having two girls, and a boy..." so many of them even had the names picked out too. Not me. The day to day took all the concentration I had-it left no time for dreams.

I plotted along. Of course I became old enough to go to college and then went. I continued to plot along and managed to not only get a job, but also a master's degree. I found an apartment and even found Mr. Right. (Not to shabby for a girl who had no dreams or aspirations).

I remember after meeting Mr. Right how he would talk about one day wanting children-possibly five! (Gulp!) How could I have five children? What did I know about having children? Being a mom-a mommy? I was pretty nervous.

Well, one day, while visiting my Mr. Right's family, I got to talking with his mom. She was telling me her life's story. She told me about dad and raising their five amazing children. (Each one is so precious and loves the Lord). As she talked I thought, "There is no way I will ever be able to be a good mom. I mean I didn't have a mom to teach me how to be a mom. I wasn't raised really knowing Jesus-how could I teach  my children?" Well, she then told me how she wasn't raised in a Christian home. How she asked Jesus into her heart when she was a teenager. WHAT??? That's my story! How is it possible for her to have raised Godly children when she herself wasn't raised a Christian? All of a sudden hope began to rise in me. maybe I could have children and just maybe I could be a good mommy.

That night I wanted to read about Mary, the mother of Jesus. What's her story? You see, I was raised believing that Mary was sinless, perfect- and that's why God chose her to be the mother of our sinless, perfect Savior. As I read the Bible I saw that simply wasn't true. No where in the Bible does it say that Mary was sinless or perfect--that's what makes it an amazing story. That's the wonder of God right there! God uses sinners. God uses imperfect people to carry out His will. He asks us to follow Him and obey. It is up to us to say yes. Mary said, "Yes."

"I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered. "May it be to me as you have said." Luke 1:38

I had to think-could I be like Mary? Could I obey? Would I say, "Yes?"
Mr. Right and I got married and prayed about having children.
We said, "Yes"---
---and now, I roll six deep.

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