Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Worship God"- Father's Day

So, this Father's Day I really wanted to encourage my husband.
I thought about all the things he likes to do:
garden, fishing, going on outings with the family,
and then it hit me...he loves to worship the Lord.

My husband has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar.
He has written many worship songs, but hasn't in a while. 
I truly believe God wants to renew Ben's love for writing songs
and bless him and our family in our worship time together.

'Worship God'
was the theme of this year's Father's Day.

I made guitar picks and guitars as part of the "Happy Father's Day" sign.

I made several picks and guitars,
wrote messages on them and placed them all around the table.
Here is one of them:

I told my dear friend about my theme and she lent me her guitar cake pan!
I made this to go along with breakfast.
(The 'cake' part is actually sugar cookie.
The 'icing' is one tub of cool whip,
one brick of cream cheese
and 1/2 cup of sugar whipped together.
Then I came up with the idea of placing all different kinds of fruit
 to design the cake like a guitar. I am usually a 'copy artist', but this is an Ellie original!).

At breakfast we gave him our cards and presents.

Then came my present to him...

I got him an amp and microphone!
I was so excited - he was too.
Every Friday night we have worship time,
but when my son plays the drums alongside his dad 
the drums drown out my husband's voice. 
Now we can have worship time together, 
with all the instruments playing!

Lastly, I made tiramisu for his real Father's day cake for after lunch.
(It is his absolute favorite dessert).

One day a year we have an opportunity to bless and encourage
our husbands as the father of our children. I think being a dad is a big job- leading, directing,
protecting, providing, and the list goes on. Too many times I find, myself included,
that we're critical towards our husbands. It not only discourages them, but isolates them to doing and being all that God has for them. Honor your husband-the father of your home.
Bless him and pray for him. 
Encourage when you can.

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