Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home-School Graduation

Home-School Graduation 2013!
Well, no child of mine is truly 'graduating,' 
but we have a celebration at the end of each year anyway.

I decorate the dining room 
with all sorts of stars, graduation caps, and of course presents!

I make a special dinner and a special cake.

Then the presentation of report cards and diplomas
from the 'principal' to each child.
(They have four quarters to the school year
where they are presented with their report card by their dad).

Even our two-year old gets a report card!

Then they get to open their presents!

Then it's cake time!

I don't know about all you homeschooling moms,
but it is a huge accomplishment for us to complete every page, every lesson
of 170 school days, while loving your hubby,
keeping house, being mommy to your children, and on and on. 
So, I guess I don't know who the celebration is really or them?  
Either way...we celebrate and then enjoy the summer! 

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