Monday, June 17, 2013

Celebrating the Ballet Recital!

For many years my sister-in-law threw a wonderful party
after the recital of her two daughters. 
It was a real celebration after a full year of dance.
So, when I began putting my daughters in ballet eight or so years ago
I began celebrating their victory as well.  

Each year I'd ask the girls what kind of cake they would like to have-
this year is it was 
Chocolate Layer cake with cheesecake filling!
(Here is the link to my dear friend's blog and recipe).

I always enjoy decorating!

My sister-in-law found these napkins and plate set,
bought them and surprised us with it! 
I would have hugged and kissed her if I we lived in the same state!

Then, I take a ridiculous amount of pictures of them in their costumes.
(I danced from the time I was six years old until college age 
and I only have two pictures to prove it. Yes, I am over compensating).

Daddy presenting them with their flower bouquets!

Grandma and Grand-daddy celebrated with us.

I find it so important to celebrate our children's successes.
A year of 'ups and downs,' 
hard work
and then finally, the reward.

Our Father in heaven 
rejoices over us-
shouldn't we rejoice over our children too!


  1. Absolutely, stunningly beautiful! How have they grown up so much in the few months I haven't seen them????? It isn't right. Ohhhh, what a wonderful celebration and lovely time for you all. Love and hugs from Arkansas.....

  2. All your hard work is beautiful! Every thing turned out so lovely. You really blessed the girls and honored them & their hard work. What great life lessons & spiritual truths you & your husband are sowing into their hearts!