Friday, November 2, 2012

Super Daddy

Every Father's Day
I try and think of a theme for his day
or special presents that my hubby would like.
This year I saw a banner that read: "Super Dad" on Pinterest.
I LOVED it and began the planning.
First I made the banner and showed the children.

Next we began thinking of gifts that would somehow match our theme.
My older daughter wanted to make her daddy a present made out of duct tape(!)
So, I googled "duct tape projects for kids."
We came across a trophy.

While my other children were beginning to plan their part for Father's Day,
I got to work planning the breakfast.
I made his favorite:
Eggs over easy, bacon, fruit salad, Italian bread, and a sweet treat from Pinterest.
(The chubby hubby!)
 I wanted more decorations on the table so I found the Superman icon on-line printed it out, 
tapped them to toothpicks and pressed them into the dessert). 

We worked hard to pull it altogether for the one day of the year that we have to bless 'Daddy.'
He was completely surprised. We decorated the morning of Father's Day while we allowed him to sleep in.

My daughter made a special card for her daddy.

Here they are presenting their presents to the best daddy in the world.

Superman Daddy and Esther together.

She made a measuring tape, like the one from the movie Mary Poppins.
As he pulled out the measuring tape (strips of construction paper tapped together) 
she had labeled everyone in the family- leaving Daddy at the very end.

We found a Superman Pez dispenser and gave it the little ones to give him.

 We actually found a Superman T-shirt!
That was from the boys.

Our husbands need to be honored, appreciated and recognized for all that they do for us.
(Whether or not he did something special for you on Mother's Day). 
I encourage all of you mommies to make the day special for him.
Allow your children to see how much you love their daddy and 
encourage them to take time to make something too. 
I believe my husband felt very special and very loved and that's exactly what I had hoped for. 

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