Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monkeying Around Birthday!

My youngest son turned 4 years old!
He has been planning it and talking about his 'monkey' party since the spring!
So, when November hit, I knew I had to get planning.

First I knew I needed vines going across the area
where the party was going to be.

Of course we needed monkeys hanging about the vines!

Next, I had to think about the desserts.

I had to make a monkey- of course!

I also made jungle animal cupcakes for the kids! 
This was A-lot of fun! I knew my son would just go 'ape' over it!
and he did =D

A zebra!
(I used black licorice for the ears, black dye with the icing and green mini m&m's for the eyes).

A monkey!
(I used chocolate icing for his face, and chocolate jimmies for his fur. 
For the white of his eyes I used mini marshmallows (cut in half). 
Large marshmallow (cut in half) for his mouth,
 cookie crisp cereal for his ears, and fruit roll ups for his mouth). 

A lion!
(I wasn't crazy about how he came out- 
my grandmother-in-law said it looked like a sea creature!)

I couldn't find a goody-bag big enough for all the goodies
 so we found a picture of a monkey he liked, copied them,
 had the kids color them in and glued them to white lunch bags.

My daughter and I collaborated on making 'pin the tail on the monkey."

We also made a monkey that he could stick his head through for pictures!

When he saw the one we made he asked if we could make another monkey
 so he could take pictures with his favorite uncle, Uncle Mike,
 and his best friend Annika.

My littlest had to have a picture with her best friend too!

Uncle Mike had to sit next to him during the party!
Uncle Mike also gave him the best present-
a UVA football uniform! He loves it!

My husband and I made him his own toy zoo!

Here's my birthday boy!

We ended the night with giant sparklers!


  1. Awesome party! You did such a great job with all the decorations and little details. I love the look on Annika's face as she sees the zoo for the first time....she was in complete awe!

  2. Thank you so much =)
    Yes, I noticed that too! She's too sweet!