Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not Worth Fighting For

I wrote an article, "The Lost Lamb" and talked about how God's love for us is such that He will abandon everything to fight for us, find us and bring us home. Well, I've been feeling like I'm not worth fighting for. Not by God mind you, but by man. I am totally secure in the love the Father has for me and would not doubt it for a moment, but man's love, man's commitment, man's willingness to fight for me-eehhhh, not so much. To man I am not worth fighting for.

This is not a pity party-I hate those, but have you ever just come upon a truth that strikes you so hard and say, "Yeah, that's why I've been sad" and then get over the issue that much faster? Well, that's what's happened to me. I thought I was worth fighting for. I thought I was really loved. I realize I'm not to some and so now I can move on. I was honestly hurt by it all, but now I see it's really not me-I AM worth fighting for. The Great Shepherd would lovingly search for me and gently bring me home. I am loved by Him. I am accepted by Him-what else could really matter?  (I'll share a little secret with you... I've learned something else too- it's okay for others not to see it or know it).

I am secure in my Father's love for me. I am His sheep and I hear His voice. I'm at peace. I'll move on. I'll seek God's plan for my life and move into it. I'm not here to please man-I'm here to please God. I live to bring glory to Him- that's my heart.

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