Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Julie & Julia...I relate

"Julie & Julia" may be an older movie, but I just got the chance to see it. I loved it. I loved how both women searched for something, studied, tackled, worked hard and accomplished their goal.  I loved how, for both of them, life really worked out.

One thing I noticed, as did everyone else who saw the movie, was how Julie and Julia were both unsatisfied with their life. I understood Julia's life's frustration-she appeared older (not sure how old she was)  no children and nothing to do with her time. no hobbies. Not using any of her gifting. Julie on the other hand, seemed so young, (she was 29years old) to be so frustrated or unsatisfied with her life was surprising to me. She still had years to dream and make something happen, but at her 30th birthday she said something like, "I'm saved" referring to her blog and year's goal of cooking some 500 recipes. that's how "lost" she really felt- to actually use a word like, "saved." 

Well, I've been feeling the same way-"lost."  It felt good to know that someone else out there feels like I do. All my friends seem to be content with their lives. I am not completely content. with the things I do daily I am not really seeing any good fruit from all my labor.  Knowing- believing that I have some gift or talent that could be used for this world, but have no idea what. I put my hand to something, it appears enterprising, and nothing. nothing. What's so weird is I thought this feeling of frustration was something new, but as I flipped through an old journal from 2007 my eyes caught my writing that expressed the exact feelings I feel again today. Apparently I've been waiting for a long time for something to happen in my life-no wonder why I feel so frustrated.

So what's it gonna be? I've written a few children's books (that I think are really great), written a Pre-k curriculum (That I really love), would love to write a book on motherhood, my husband really wants me to write my life's story, I love teaching,---would really love for one of these doors to open--I'm so tired of waiting.

Lord, please open a door for me. I want so much to be used.

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